What is the AffordableTablet
Learning Initiative (ALI)?

The CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions Campaign is designed to enable faculty to choose and provide quality educational content that is more affordable for their students.

The Affordable Learning Solutions website is designed to:

  • Make it easy for faculty, staff, and students to find no/low cost course content that can substitute for more costly textbooks
  • Recognize faculty for their efforts in reducing costs for students
  • Share practices for using no/low cost digital content in CSU courses
  • Support campuses in customizing their strategies to enable affordable learning solutions

Faculty and students at California State San Bernardino have been voicing their concern about the high cost of textbooks for some time. The Affordable Learning Initiative project is our response to this concern. The charge of this initiative is to provide access to resources that will help faculty choose and provide quality, accessible educational content that is more affordable for their students. Choosing textbooks and learning materials are in the purview of the faculty. Our purpose is to help faculty find quality alternatives. This can be in the form of digital textbooks, open courseware resources, publishers’ repositories, ebooks, the book rental program at the bookstore, and textbooks on reserve in the library. According to the information on the CSU Affordable Learning Initiative website, our students typically pay over $800 per year for textbooks. As the costs of textbooks continue to rise we must find ways to alleviate some of this burden. The purpose of the Affordable Learning Initiative Campaign is to make affordable alternatives available to faculty as they make textbooks and other course related materials decisions. These alternatives must still be of the highest quality, must help to achieve the learning objectives of the course, and must support the appropriate pedagogical approach.